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Friday Favorites: For which there are none

I have been a little out of sorts these past couple of weeks.  Too many things going on.  And I know this, but still forget to do it – when life gets busy, I NEED to double down on my planner and other organization tricks.  But I don’t and then the wheels fall off the bus.  But the good news is that I am beginning to feel the fog lift, and have no doubt that I will be back to near-normal by next week.  So, no list of favorites this week, but I do have the capacity for a bullet list of updates.

  • Megan is now at Iowa State.  Move in went great, she chose not to pledge to a sorority, and she is excited to start classes on Monday.  She has made several new friends and is settling in really well.
  • Scout can not be “kept quiet”, and is smart enough to figure out how to chew up his protective collar (cone of shame) and pull out his stitches.  So he had to spend a second day at the vet, have staples put in, get fitted for a second collar (which he has also chewed up – while wearing it), and gets a mild sedative twice a day.  I’m throwing in the towel tonight and letting him off his leash to run around the yard.  And I may take his evening sedatives myself.  Dude is crazy out of his mind and has reverted back to every bad habit he has ever had except accidents in the house.  The staples come out Monday, and then I think we can get him out in the fields again.
  • I have corn!!!  Nine out of 10 stalks came up, and six of them have little cobs of corn on them.  They will probably only get to the size of those little baby cobs that come in a jar (do you remember that scene from Big where Tom Hanks is eating the baby corn off the cob?  Hahaha!)  And even if the corn itself isn’t any good, I will have corn stalks for my fall decorating!
  • Amy is back at Winona, and all settled into her house.  And she found a job working on campus in the central receiving office.  She will be sorting and delivering mail and packages around campus.  This is perfect for her because the schedule is flexible and it will be constant movement.  I really cannot see her in any type of desk job, so she may need to get creative with that degree in Business Management – Human Resources.  But I have faith!
  • Our first two nights as “empty nesters” have been great.  The biggest perks?  The house stays exactly as we leave it, and we get to sleep with our bedroom door open!

I have big plans to do some serious cleaning and organizing in the girl’s bedrooms this weekend.  I think that once I get those rooms done I will be able to move all of the random mess they left all over the rest of the house put away.  Gary has started painting Megan’s dresser, so it would be nice if he could get that done this weekend too.  Heppner’s is hosting a car show at their Hudson shop (which is where Gary is working now) on Saturday, so we plan to check that out but that’s all we really have planned.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Shout out from Scout: July 2017

Thanks for stopping by for my July update.

We started the month with a parade.  There were sooooo many people, and loud fire trucks, but I didn’t mind at all.

And I FINALLY got to go in the lake!  I wasn’t too sure about it at first because I went past Dad and my feet didn’t touch anymore.  I swam like a pro, but it shook me up a little.  The next time though, Dad brought a retrieving dummy and I had a blast swimming out to get it.  I hope we get to do more of that!

I have been meeting new friends at the dog park.  So far, I have liked every dog I meet and we run and play together.  I also met the other dog that lives in our circle.  He wasn’t interested in running around with me, but we got along just fine.

I have also been spending more time visiting restaurant patios.  I get a little impatient waiting for Dad and Mom to eat, but I behave myself and get treats.

We are spending most days at LEPR or walking in our circle.  I find so many smells in the morning when it is cooler and damp.  I am starting to point things out on our walks too.  I strike my pose and then wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until I’m told to “go get it!!”.  I mostly find turkeys and bunnies, but I scare up a deer every once in awhile too.

Dad and I also joined a hunt club.  We just walked around the clay sporting course and one of the hunting fields so far, but I overheard talk that next month I get to try to find actual birds.

I have been doing really well with “sit” and “stay”, but I really don’t like to be told to lay “down”.  I fight that one every single time.  Unless Mom has liver sausage.  Then I drop like a boss.

Other than that, we are just hanging out together, going for car rides, and enjoying as much time outside as possible.

See ya next month!

Weekend Edition: Baseball, corndogs, rhubarb muffins

Ok, so did anyone else just sing the tv jingle “Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”?  It’s amazing how I can’t remember which hospital one of my children was born in but I remember old tv jingles and theme songs.  The human brain is full of mystery.

A couple of things from last Friday’s post.  First, I noticed a typo but I’m trying to rein in my perfectionism so I let it go.  I have a feeling one of my two readers may have caught it 😉  Second, I didn’t actually link up with Andrea because I lost confidence in posting closeups of my face.  She has thousands of followers, and several of them click through my post when I link up.  It’s not that I am uncomfortable with my face, I just don’t want to become a meme.  If that were to ever happen I want to be able to blame Megan, not myself.

Ok, on to the weekend.  We went into North St Paul for our “patio night”, only we weren’t really on a patio and we only ate corndogs/hotdogs, but it got Scout out with lots of people, other dogs, and noise.  He did great.  And he attracted all of the strangers.  I was forced to be much more social than I care to be, but it was a fun evening that also included mint chocolate chip ice cream from Hometown Creamery.  Oh, and it was hot!

We had to hang around home Saturday morning because the irrigation company was coming to fix some problems with our system, so we took on some small projects.  Gary is painting the second desk for the basement bedroom (the black one is going with Amy)…

I updated one of my planters that ended up being too shallow for actual plants…

and we did a little tree trimming.  Scout helped by scattering my neat pile of branches.

Funny side note, I always thought this was a maple tree, but I was clearly wrong.  I know the difference between the shape of a maple leaf and the shape of an oak leaf, but for some reason I had it stuck in my brain that this tree was a maple.  Again – full. of. mystery.

Then we ran to Lowe’s for a new trimmer…

… and then Goodwill, Kohl’s, and Pier One, where we found the perfect floor plant for the livingroom.  When we got home I hung my hammock!!

Oh, and it was hot!  This is how Scout felt about the heat.

I also realized that I have failed with my shade garden.  Water.  Plants need water.  And an occasional weeding.

But I do have a few things that have survived my neglect and the deer.

And I even have a little bitty hydrangea blooming.  I have had this plant for about five years and it never gets much bigger than this, but it always gets a few blooms.  Bless it’s fierce little heart.

We went to the Saints game Saturday night for a Heppner’s event.  It was such a perfect night to be outside.  And we had some pretty awesome seats.

We were up early Sunday morning to get our laundry started and grocery shopping done so we could take a little road trip.  We drove up to Pine City to check out the Wings North Hunting Club.

They have pheasant hunting and a trap shooting course, a pistol and rifle range, and a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant.  I was sold when the manager told us about the wine and beer tasting events they host.

The rest of the day consisted of the normal Sunday chores – yard work, house work, laundry, food prep, etc., etc.  And I tried another recipe from the Lindgren Ladies cookbook – Lynn’s Rhubarb Muffins.  I had to tweak it a little bit because my buttermilk was bad, I didn’t have enough light brown sugar so I used a mix of light and dark, and I used both strawberries and rhubarb.  But I thought they were really good, and will definitely make them again.  I also filled my muffin tins all the way to the top and got nice big muffins with a crispy top.

I have a DGT board meeting tonight, I hope to finish up the living room on Tuesday, we are getting a hitch put on Gary’s car Wednesday, and then we have Amy’s big move on Saturday.  It’s going to be a busy week!


Shout Out From Scout: June 2017


Hey hey everyone, thanks for stopping by for my June update.  I am loving this whole Summer thing!  We are outside every night and all day on the weekends, and during the week Amy takes me out to play in the afternoon so I don’t have to be in my kennel so much.

I haven’t grown very much this month, just gaining a little more weight and muscle.  I’m about 40 pounds now, and I think that’s as big as I’m going to get.  Which is perfect because I’m small enough to still fit in Mom and Dad’s laps, but big enough that I can see out the windows and doors when I stand up on my back legs.

Sticks and branches are my favorite toys, and I love to make piles of them in the yard.  I don’t get any blankets or soft toys anymore because I shred them up and eat them.  I even manage to chew up some of the rubber toys (and Megan’s shirt, and Mom’s shoe) so Kongs are about all I get.

Dad has started working with me on some hunting stuff, and I’m a little cautious but trust that he knows what he is doing.  In general, I have decided to push back on the rules a little bit; be my own dog, follow my own path.  I mean, I’m nine months old now – a teenager – so why do I need all those dumb rules?  The ‘rents aren’t backing down though so there have been a few battles.

I have also discovered that there are really scary things in the kitchen, and I become very agitated when Mom cooks.  The microwave makes extra creepy beeping sounds and I am trying to make it very clear that they need to Just. Stop.  but they keep using it.  We are going to need to work this out.

We had a big party at our house and there were lots of people coming and going.  I behaved myself and had a blast playing with the kids.  We chased each other around the yard and then I took a break and let them love on me.  I like kids!  And playing corn hole too.

I have started chasing bunnies and birds, and love bouncing through the tall grass in our preserve and at the park.  I love our long hikes on the weekends, but have just as much fun on our shorter evening walks.  There are so many smells and sounds, and I like to try to catch the bugs flying around me too.

I get baths about every week and a half, and now Mom cuts my nails at home.  I don’t sit as still for her as I do for the groomers, but she’s getting the hang of it.  I like my baths a lot more now that they bought the sprayer for the tub.  They are quick and easy!  I have been shedding a lot this month, but I think that may be a seasonal thing that goes away again.  It just means I get brushed a lot more!

So that’s about it for June.  I’m hoping I get to go to a lake soon and maybe get another Pup Cup from the Dairy Queen.  That was awesome!


Friday Favorites: June is going to wear me out!

I drafted this post on Tuesday and started with this sentence – “It has been another busy week but the pace is about to slow down considerably.”  At that time I was blissfully ignorant of the events that would transpire on Wednesday.  That is going to be it’s own story, but suffice it to say it’s the reason I didn’t get this finished and posted earlier and there may be some typos and unfinished sentences because I. AM. TIRED!   But nevertheless,  I’m linking up with Andrea this week to share some favorites.

I’ve been asked to lead a large project at work.  It’s been awhile since I have managed a project and I’ve missed it.  I was starting to feel like I was in a slump and needed something to energize me and this was the perfect solution.  Plus I get to use my sticky notes and markers!


My new washer and dryer are a big hit.  We traded out our old Whirlpool Duet set for some shiny white Maytag numbers.  While watching the first load through the clear glass cover (nice touch), I was skeptical about how the clothes would get as clean as they did in my front loader since it seemed like they were hardly moving around in the machine.  But everything came out clean, soft, and smelling fresh so it must be working.  And the clothes are dry after one cycle!

via Lowe’s – my machines but unfortunately, not my laundry room. And I don’t have a glass door on my dryer, it’s white.   #laundryroomgoals

I had planned a whirlwind trip to Chicago on Wednesday.  I had a meeting from 9 – 4 so I flew out at 6:00 a.m. and expected to get home at 10:30 p.m.  That didn’t exactly happen.  I actually got home somewhere around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday and it wasn’t by air, it was by rental car.  Here’s a sneak peak from my Facebook post:

I look like I’ve had a stroke but I think it’s just a mixture of exhaustion and squinting into the sun.  I’ll post the full story next week.

We have been bathing Scout in the bathtub, using a red Solo cup to wet and rinse him.  It takes forever to get the soap out and I can barely stand up straight by the time we are done.  He isn’t a huge fan either.  Last week I saw a picture of a dog tub, and as I started researching it I saw shower heads with the optional hand held sprayer.  Not sure why I never thought of this but Gary bought and installed one last weekend and it took us all of five minutes to give Scout his bath.  And he was much more relaxed.  Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference.  And sometimes I’m amazed at the things that never occur to me.

Zach was with us last week, but we hadn’t seen very much of him because he was home for a wedding and had activities every night (other than the one night we all met for dinner).  The wedding was on Sunday and he got home about 8:00.  He went downstairs to change, I cut Gary’s hair quick, and then he, Gary, Megan, Amy and I sat around the table and visited.  At one point the front door opened and Hunter came in, and she and Megan stuck around and visited with us for awhile.  There is nothing I love more than  hanging out with my family and seeing them all interact, especially now as adults.  It makes my heart so happy.

Our central air went out on Sunday and the service company can’t come out until next Wednesday so we have been trying different things to keep cool.  Our favorite solution is Dairy Queen.  Tuesday was exceptionally hot, and Scout had been in the warm house all day so we loaded him up in the car and pushed his kennel all the way to the front so he would feel the cool air.  We went through the drive thru and they could see him so they asked if we wanted a Pup Cup.  Well, yes ma’am!  He thoroughly enjoyed it.

So that’s a glimpse into my week.  I had high hopes of accomplishing some projects around the house this weekend, but I’m probably going to spend much of my time napping.  At least on Saturday since it’s supposed to rain off and on all day.

Hope you have a great weekend!