Weekend Edition: BFMA

The Christmas festivities are in full swing! This was a fun weekend of holiday events and special time with family and friends.


The beautiful sunrises continue in December, and this was the view from my desk Friday morning.

Well, this was the full view, pardon my weird pose.  I wish those buildings weren’t in the way.

I survived the day by the skin of my teeth, picked up dinner on my way home, and relaxed for the evening.

Saturday morning brought some cleaning and electrical work in the bathroom, followed by a fantastic hike with Gary and Scout.  After that we ran a couple of errands, picked up lunch, and I got ready for a trip down to St Peter for the Christmas in Christ Chapel concert.

This year’s theme was Life Abundant – A Celebration of Christmas during the 500th year of the Reformation.  I loved hearing the orchestra perform Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and of course, Oh Come All Ye Faithful.  That just never gets old (I will probably listen to it on YouTube a dozen more times before Christmas).  It was as fabulous as ever and we enjoyed every minute!

This was a full moon weekend with clear skies and a decent temperature so naturally Kathy and I had to make plans.  We decided to meet at the secret entrance to LEPR and do a moonlight hike.  I ended up meeting at her house so I could change, and we got to the park at about 11:30.  The moon was so bright we didn’t even need our headlamps.

We joked that this was the best possible picture because we could look down without having multiple chins.  We wandered around for about an hour, drank some fancy hot chocolate (that may have been enhanced with Baileys) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Kathy and I are total moon geeks.  It started long before we met each other and is just one more thing that bonds us.  One of my favorite pre-Kathy memories is the night I put a mattress on our back deck and slept outside under the full moon with Amanda and Zach.  Kathy maintains a text group to which she sends BFMA (Big Full Moon Alert) messages because she tends to be out and about at the time the moon rises.  There have been many times the girls and I have jumped into the car barefoot and in our pajamas to see it!  We also get meteor shower notifications, and are on an actual call list for Northern Lights, should they ever show themselves in our neck of the woods.

As you can imagine, being out past 1:00 a.m. threw me off a little on Sunday, but I got in a Target run and a grocery run before lunch, then enjoyed a solid hour long nap in the afternoon.  I cooked the rice for wild rice soup (didn’t have all of the soup ingredients, again), prepped snacks for Gary and I for the week, did several loads of laundry, and updated my planner for the week.

It was a lovely weekend and now it’s back to the grind.  I hope this week is a little less stressful at work than last week.  I’m doing a mini Christmas house tour tomorrow on the blog, and preparing for the ornament exchange party and cookie baking this weekend.  I’m also looking forward to a haircut and color on Friday – long overdue!  Hope you have a great week!

Friday Favorites: Puppies and espresso to get me through this week

Y’all.  I can barely form a complete sentence.  This has been A WEEK and I could not be more relieved that it’s Friday.  I’m sure I will have a dozen more fires to put out before I can start my weekend, but at least it’s in sight.

As bad as it’s been, I do still have a few favorites to share so I’m going to go ahead and link up with Andrea.  Please excuse any spelling errors, missing punctuation, or incomplete thoughts!


{ONE}  My new Nespresso Essenza came this week!!

I was completely overwhelmed just unpacking it, but I worked up the nerve and brewed my first latte yesterday.  Not great, but not bad for the first one.  I am amazed at how fast the water gets hot (like 20 seconds fast), and also with the aeroccino (milk steamer/frother).  This is going to be great for both lattes and hot chocolate!

Only negative is that a normal coffee mug doesn’t fit under the spout.  Very strange.  I’m working around that by using my glass measuring cup since I pour it into a travel cup anyway.  It just surprised me.

It’s like I don’t even know my kitchen anymore.


{TWO}  Taking meal planning to the next level.

I’ve been talking a lot about the food prep I do on Sundays, but I was having trouble remembering all of the snacks I had.  So now I have a Snack Menu.

I come up with my plan based on all of the snack food I have, and then only prep what I need.  I found I was bringing way too much food to work and never eating it, or just forgetting about it in the fridge.  Either way, it was wasteful.  This has been a big improvement.

{THREE}  Puppy pictures!

Scout’s breeder has been posting pictures of his most recent litter of Brittany puppies and it’s killing me.  They are just a little younger than Scout was this time last year.  I keep telling Gary that Scout needs a little sister but we both know we don’t need another puppy in this house.  But the pictures have totally been helping me get through this week!


{FOUR}  My fourth and final cuff.

The Etsy shop that sells my leather cuffs is closing, so I took advantage of a sale and bought one more.  I have one with my blog name and three that represent my word of the year.  I picked this one to coordinate with my new lanyard.

And here’s the full set.  I love these cuffs and can’t wait to see what her new products will be.


{FIVE} Dog food delivered to my door.

When we bought Scout, we signed up for a dog food service.  We use the Life’s Abundance All Stages dry food, and have been very happy with it.  It’s easy to schedule recurring shipments, and if you are running low before the next shipment you can easily change the date.

I LOVE that we don’t have to make an extra trip to Chuck and Don’s for food, especially since there isn’t one near us.  And we have started buying treats for Scout too, and I think they are very reasonably priced.

We noticed on Sunday that we were almost out of food, and as crazy as this week has been, it was so nice not to have to worry about it.  Everything was on our porch when we got home from work on Thursday.

So that’s about it for this week.  I’m going to scratch and claw my way across the finish line and hope for some relaxation and rejuvenation this weekend.  The weather is looking great so I’m also hoping for some hiking to help clear my head.  Hope you have a great weekend!


This is not a sponsored post, and I have no affiliation with any brand featured.  These are just products I love and want to share.

What’s Up Wednesday: November 2017

Hey hey!  It’s the last Wednesday of the month so it’s time for a recap of what we’ve been up to.  No link up today because the hosts moved it back to last Wednesday and I wasn’t ready.  So here’s a little peek into Glaus life lately!


Kind of a boring week for us food-wise but we needed a break after Thanksgiving.

Monday:  grilled chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, salad

Tuesday:  soup and salad

Wednesday:  hamburgers, baked potato, salad

Thursday:  ham and cheese omelettes, toast, oranges/bananas

Friday:  eat out


This time of year brings back so many memories, especially the Christmas decorations.  All of the ornaments from my mom, the ceramic tree and church that Aunt Cile made, and decorating the tree with the kids.  And of course, cutting down our tree each year.  There was the time that Santa came right to our van out in the woods.  I thought Zach was going to explode with excitement.  And the time Amanda was being a pill so Gary hung her upside down by her ankles in the snow.  And the year Amy was being a pill and didn’t come with at all!  Some years there was no snow, and some years it was so deep we could barely walk in it.  We all took turns with the saw, and also with pulling the sled back to the car.  We will do this every year, and have even made the kids promise to take us out in wheelchairs if they have to!


Sunrise and sunset.  November is the best for gold, pink and orange skies.  The days are so short, but they start and end with amazing colors.


Making progress on the bathroom.

Everything has been cleared out and there was no damage found!  Gary is working on moving around some of the electrical boxes and lights, and starting on the plumbing changes.  We have purchased our vanity, vanity top and mirror, and have chosen most of the tile.

We were hoping to have the tile done by Christmas, but that isn’t going to happen.  Maybe the plumbing and electrical work will be done, and we can start installing the drywall in January.  I really don’t want that mess all over my Christmas decorations anyway!!


Nothing at the moment!


Christmas preparations!!  Stop back next week for a house tour on Show and Tell Tuesday, but here are a couple of preview shots.


Gary and I got Fitbit Charge 2 fitness trackers on Black Friday, and I have been going crazy with it.  I had the old Fitbit Flex but haven’t been able to charge it for a couple of years.  I love so many things about this, particularly the heart rate monitor, clock, text and call notifications, sleep tracking, and GPS tracking.  I also like the strap with the clasp much better than the strap with the snaps.  I love the reminders to get up and move, and the ability to track yoga and weight lifting activities so easily.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated to eat better and exercise more!


All the Hallmark Christmas movies.  My favorite so far is A Gift To Remember (book store clerk hits man with her bicycle, he hits his head and gets amnesia, she helps him figure out who he is) because the plot actually surprised me.  But honestly, I have liked every one of the new movies this year.  Well done, Hallmark!


Pandora Christmas station.

Audio books Winter Street and Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand.  I’m hoping to get through Winter Storms and Winter Solstice in December.  These are quick and fun stories!


My new favorites this fall have been the black jeans (Gap), mustard striped sweater (Nordstrom), and new leggings (JJill).


Lots of fun events in December:

  • Christmas in Christ Chapel
  • Hayden’s birthday
  • Glaus Girls Ornament Exchange
  • Family Day O’ Fun
  • Christmas day with the Glaus’
  • Eleven consecutive days off work, plus one and a half additional vacation days!!!


Please see number 11 above.

This is such a fun time of year, and I’m trying really hard to enjoy every minute of it.  December is going to be rough because my work project is ramping up, but I’m trying to balance things out by staying on top of my planner.  We’ll see how that goes!  And having a nice long vacation at the end of the year, during the busiest time of the month, will certainly help.  I would love to know your November highlights – feel free to share in the comments!

Show and Tell Tuesday: Want, Need, Wear, Read

It’s time for Show and Tell Tuesday, and the topic this time around is what we would put on our Christmas list under the categories of Want, Need, Wear, and Read.  Let’s link up with Andrea and play along.

<<<< WANT >>>>

I recently discovered this carryon suitcase and it is at the top of my “want” list.

I love the coral color in the smallest size.  It even has a built in battery for charging anything with a USB connection.  It’s just a bit outside of my price range!

<<<< NEED >>>>

I have been asking for a remote car starter for the last several years.

In Minnesota winters, I consider this a need.  Obviously I’m surviving without it, but I would be a much happier person several months of the year if I had one!

<<<< WEAR >>>>

I would love a white t-shirt.

I think they are the perfect wardrobe staple, but I just can’t find the right one.  It needs to be heavier weight, v-neck, with longer short sleeves.  Not too fitted, but not boxy either.  It’s like my unicorn of t-shirts.

<<<< READ >>>>

Since this is a Christmas list, I’m going to go with something I probably wouldn’t buy myself.  Like this Georgia O’Keeffe coffee table book.

It’s funny, I had the hardest time coming up with a “Need” for my list.  I think I have done too much shopping for myself lately!

So what would you put on your list?

Thanksgiving Week 2017

Last week went by in a blur!  It was full of family and eating and shopping and decorating and hanging out.  All of my favorite things!  This is going to be a very high-level recap because honestly?  I can’t remember most of the details.

Gary and I started the week at the Wild game Monday night.  They lost in overtime but we had fun and Gary came home with a new jersey.

Amy came home from school Tuesday night, and Hunter stopped on her way home to see Megan, so we were a full house again!

I was off Wednesday so Amy and I started our day with a 7:30 oil change.  Luckily Tires Plus is right across the street from Caribou Coffee/Einstein Bros Bagels.  As soon as we got home I started peeling and boiling potatoes for PW’s creamy mashed potatoes.  They have lots of butter!

Lowe’s delivered the new vanity and vanity top in the afternoon, and the top was chipped again.  Argh!  When Gary got home we changed the air filter in the car.  Scout helped.

At some point I started the 24-Hour Fruit Salad, probably had a glass of wine, and went to bed.  There was most likely a Hallmark movie too.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Barb’s.  Awesome food, great company, cookie baking, and pie.

Even with my planner and lists I managed to forget things, so I ran some errands Friday morning and met Barb at Rosedale to exchange some things with each other.   Amanda came over and we made a Target run and spent most of our time looking at baby things.  So many things!  Then her friend Rachael came over to visit and I did my pre-decorating cleaning.  I completely ran out of steam and didn’t start my actual decorating or make wild rice soup.

Gary worked Saturday morning so I hauled up the boxes to start decorating.

I started by emptying all of the boxes, making a total mess in the living room and family room.

We worked on it off and on Saturday and Sunday, and had everything done and the boxes put away by early Sunday afternoon.  Check back Wednesday for the final reveal.

Saturday afternoon Gary, Amy, Scout and I cut down the tree.  It was a beautiful day and we went to Krueger’s Tree Farm in Lake Elmo.  We had stopped going there about five or six years ago because they barely had any trees.  Boy has that changed!  They have beautiful trees now and they were packed!

We spent the evening decorating the tree and watching the Wild game.

Sunday morning we celebrated Megan’s birthday with breakfast at The Woodbury Cafe.  Oh my word.

The day flew by and before I was really ready I was dropping Megan off at a friends house to ride back to school.  And then about 15 minutes after I got home Amy was loading her car and heading out.  Gary and I took Scout for a walk around the preserve and enjoyed a beautiful pink sunset and the end of a fabulous week with our family.  I really miss Zach at these times, but he was with his friends so that makes me feel a little better.  We raised our kids to be independent and follow their dreams, but sometimes that leaves a hole in our lives.  It also makes the times we are all together even more special!

So now we are back at work.  Gary continues to work on the bathroom, and I addressed our Christmas cards while watching yet another Hallmark movie last night.  I will put them in the mail on Friday!  We have several weekends of Christmas events coming up and I’m looking forward to each one of them.  Luckily, we don’t have too much going on during the week so it shouldn’t be too exhausting.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!