Weekend Edition: That time the Super Bowl came to Minnesota

I’m writing this post just as the Super Bowl begins.  I plan to watch the whole game for two reasons.  First, for the commercials.  Second, Justin Timberlake.  We are sitting home alone, as we prefer.  We aren’t really into viewing parties, especially on a Sunday evening when it’s all of 1 degree outside.  I prefer my pajamas and a big warm blanket!

Amy was home for the weekend and she and Gary went to the Wild game Friday night.  Scout and I hung out on the couch.  It’s been cold so he hasn’t gotten much exercise lately and boy, did it show.  He spent about two hours jumping on me, chewing on my hands and sleeves, throwing his Kong at me, and generally acting like an overtired toddler.  Good heavens, it was exhausting!  Luckily, I had picked up wine on my way home so once he finally settled down I enjoyed a nice big glass.  By this point we were both like

Gary and I ran some errands Saturday morning, and then Amy nudged us into going downtown for Super Bowl Live.  I am so glad we went!  Not because it was that exciting, but I just really felt like we should participate.  We had a good time, took lots of pictures, and participated in some of the activities.

Then we decided to grab Cossetta’s on the way home but didn’t realize that downtown St Paul was a complete zoo.  The Dave Matthews Band was at the X, and there were Winter Carnival activities all over.  I dropped them at the door and by the time I came back around the block they were waiting for me because the line was too long.  We drove past the ice palace and the slide at CHS and made it home about an hour later.

Sunday was quiet with the typical laundry and grocery activities.  I helped Amy with an internship application and some repairs to her coat.  It was fun having her home, but I was glad she decided to head back before the game while it was still light out.  I worry.

And now we are ready for the new week.  It’s going to be a quiet one which is nice because it’s also going to be a cold one.  I’m excited for the Winter Olympics, and plan to watch the opening ceremonies on Friday.  And since I did so well with my 30 day yoga commitment, I am kicking off a new fitness plan for February.  I hope you have a great week!

***Post Super Bowl Update***

Ok, I had to stop back to express my thoughts on the commercials and JT.  I really enjoyed three of the commercials:  the M&M’s with Danny DiVito as Red, the Doritos/Mt. Dew fire and ice, and sick Alexa.  Maybe it was all of the celebrities or maybe they just appealed to my sense of humor, but I loved them.  There were quite a few with a powerful message, but I don’t put them in the same category as those that were pure entertainment.  And then there were the annoying ones (I’m looking at you, Tide) that made me mad that I didn’t get a bathroom break.  And as for JT?  Well done sir, well done.  One of my favorite halftime shows.


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