Weekend Edition: I have functioning snowshoes again!

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you found some useful tips in the Clear the Clutter Challenge posts yesterday.  I really like Jaclyn’s five questions, and will try to use that tip more often.  Especially when we tackle photos next month!

We had a really great weekend, beginning with a trip through the preserve on our snowshoes Friday evening!!  The body techs Gary works with found a solution for my broken rivet and now I am back in business.  It was a very mild evening with clear skies so we even had a little moonlight.  The snow was fresh and deep, providing a good workout.  But we got a late start so that was about all we did that night.

Saturday was full of small projects and errands.  We brought our old video tapes in to be converted to CDs, dropped off some bags at Goodwill, dropped a package at UPS, changed the water purifier filter, lubricated the treadmill, did some filing, and even got a nap in.  I did my yoga and we both walked on the treadmill, showered and then enjoyed an adult beverage while we watched the NHL All-Star skills competition.  Perfect day!

On Sunday I had a DGT board retreat in Plymouth for most of the day.  Gary took care of the groceries and laundry, and then we got ourselves ready for the week.  These days make me wish I had another day off, but that’s just how it goes.

I have to say that January turned out much better than I expected, and I have lots of updates in my What’s Up Wednesday post tomorrow.  I feel like we have turned the corner on winter, and I hope that the short month of February goes by just as smoothly.  I need to get a couple more snowshoe outings in this year, and we have the RV show coming up.  And we have our first baby shower too, which is the most exciting!  Looking good, 2018!

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