Clear The Clutter: Bedroom

We are back at it for the final weekly challenge of January – the bedroom!  After this, it’s going to be once a month.

For this challenge, I am going try out Jaclyn’s five organization questions:

  1. What is my end goal with the space?  Nothing on the floor or bookcase that Scout can get into and tidy up the closet.
  2. What is currently working in the space?  The closet organizer, the nightstands, and most of the bookshelf.
  3. What is NOT working in the space?  The bookshelf looks random and cluttered, dog food in the closet, hiding stuff behind the door.
  4. What tools (baskets/bins/labels) do I already have to complete the space? In this case, I had an extra Command hook, but didn’t really have any baskets or bins I could use.  And I decided to ask Gary to help find a solution for the dog food.  He’s been coming up with some really great ideas for the house lately, and I knew he would balk at me buying something, so I let the solution be his.
  5. Is there anything I need to buy to reach my end goal?  I chose to purchase an over-the-door iron board and iron hanger.

Since this is a space I have worked on before, these questions really helped me figure out how to fine tune it!  A couple of weeks ago I didn’t think it was worth the effort, but when I asked myself these questions, it became clear that I needed to give this room some attention.

This is what it looked like before I started.  Hiding things behind the door.

Messy bookshelf.  And maybe messy isn’t the right word – just cluttered and full of things Scout can chew up.  And those video tapes on the lower right?  They’ve been there waiting to be transferred to a CD for years!

I guess the closet could use a little straightening and clearing out after all!  Our baskets are overflowing and the iron is so annoying up on that shelf.  We use it every week and it’s always threatening to fall.

And the dog food.  Which makes the closet smell like dog food.  And if I just put my summer shoes in the summer box I would have plenty of room for my winter shoes without stacking them.

I didn’t empty everything out this time, I just focused on my problem areas.  I started by pulling out everything that was on the floor under my lower hanging rack.  Most items had a home and just needed to be put away.

Then I removed the dog food, added a hook for the backpack that we like to keep handy for spontaneous hikes, and put the vacuum back where it belongs.

Some additional tidying up in the closet (except for Gary’s boxes) helped restore order.

I removed one item from the top of the bookshelf to give the others more breathing room, and then consolidated all of the books and cd’s on the bottom shelf.  This isn’t an ideal solution because they are still accessible to Scout, but I think it at least looks better.  And that stack of video tapes?  We have now taken them in to be converted to CD’s!!  That was a major win from this challenge.

And I have no clutter behind the door anymore.

It was mostly paperwork that just needed to be filed or tossed, and some packing cubes that needed to be put away with the suitcases.  I bought this ironing board and iron caddy on Amazon for just $10.00.

Now, just to keep things real, I will admit that the dog food is just sitting in a corner of the bedroom in the bag.  Gary found no value it designating a new home for it, or putting it in a cute container.  And he lives here too so I’m going to just go with it.  And I actually found it back in the closet on Sunday but politely asked him to at least move it back out so that the closet doesn’t smell (which he claims he doesn’t notice).  So that’s our compromise for now.  Pick your battles ladies!

I’ve linked up with Jaclyn, Kate and Keri again, so make sure to jump over to their sites to see more helpful tips!  The next challenge is February 12th, and we will be tackling photos.  Yikes!  I need some serious help with those.  Have a great week!

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