Friday Favorites:


And just like that we find ourselves in mid-January.  I wasn’t quite ready for a five day work week, so I have today off to spend some time with Amanda.  We are organizing her kitchen and pantry!  I’m linking up with Andrea to share a few favorites from the week.

{ONE}  Outside

It felt so good to get back outside this week.  Scout and I were a little perplexed on our walk Monday morning, it was like we didn’t even remember what to do.

{TWO}  Home Updates

This popped up on my Timehop this week, and I can’t even believe I posted it a year ago just because I was so excited about my new blinds and white walls.  Could this corner be any more steril?

The living room has come along way since then, and remains one of my favorite spaces in the house.

{THREE}  Neighborhood Discoveries

Our Tuesday evening walk brought several fun discoveries.  First, it was still daylight at 5:00 p.m.

Second, a beautiful sunset.

And third, some crazy animal tracks.  It almost looks like a turkey was walking his dog.  We didn’t see either (and some of those are Scout’s tracks so that gives you an idea of the size of the bird!).

{FOUR}  Fresh Flowers

Now that the holiday decor is all gone, I’m back to buying fresh flowers for the house and my desk.  I love the colors I found this week!  And my new insulated cups are still favorites too.

{FIVE}  Puppy Snuggles

Of course.  Scout was a little melancholy Sunday and Monday.  I think he missed the girls.  I felt bad for him, and totally took advantage of some extra snuggles on the couch.  And don’t worry, he’s back to his crazy self again.

We have some fun plans for the weekend, plus I hear there’s a football game on Sunday that’s kind of a big deal :).  I’m hoping we can also bundle up and get out in this fresh snow a little.  My snowshoes are still broken, but maybe a hike.  I hope you have a great weekend, and be sure to stop back on Monday for another Clear the Clutter Challenge!




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