Friday Favorites: Back to an even numbered year!

We made it to the first Friday of 2018!  It was a short but busy week at work so luckily we didn’t have much going on in the evening.  We have a fancy new graphic for Friday Favorites, and I’m linking up with Andrea to share a few.

{ONE}  New linkup

I’m going to try out a new link up this year, and it kicks off on Monday.  I’m not familiar with any of these bloggers so it will be fun to get to know them, and I’ve been on a mission to rid our house of excess so that we can downsize some day so I’m ready to embrace the challenge!

{TWO}  #2017bestnine

This was all over social media last week so of course I had to check it out!  These were my top Instagram pictures/posts of 2017 and the common theme seems to be Megan, Scout, food/beverages, and my yard.  This is hysterical because these are probably the only posts that had more than 10 likes, but it was fun to see.

{THREE}  Smart outlets

Oh my word.  This may be the best device ever invented.  The outlet can be controlled by my phone enabling me to turn a light on and off from anywhere.  Lately, I have been getting home late from work so Scout is sitting in the dark in his kennel.  Now if I’m running late,  I can just turn on the bedroom lamp from my desk at work.

They came as a pair, so I put the second plug into the outlet behind the piano and put a decorative light on top.  There isn’t a switch on the cord so I just turn it on and off through the smart outlet.  Crazy!

{FOUR} Troy

Remember this photo from my weekend update?

I mentioned that roll of tape and bucket of mud in passing because I wasn’t emotionally prepared to think about the mudding and taping ahead of us.  Have you ever worked with finishing drywall?  If you have, I don’t need to reopen that wound of dust and mess.  If you haven’t, DON’T EVER DO IT!!!  Because, dust and mess of biblical proportions.  Everywhere.

Well.  I came home from work on Tuesday and Gary’s brother Troy was just finishing up the first coat!!!  He has offered to do ALL of the drywall finishing work in the bathroom for us.  Luckily, he isn’t ready to be a grandfather yet because I was all ready to offer him our first born, who now comes with her own first born.  He chose the cash option.  I realize that there is still going to be some dust and mess, but he is cleaning up after himself every night when he leaves, so I can handle the rest.  And he is already to this point.

{FIVE}  Fried rice

This is really random, but I made Honey Chicken and Fried Rice for dinner earlier this week and I have been totally obsessed with it.  Amy found a recipe on Pinterest and I was actually able to recreate it.  It’s similar to Orange Chicken or Sesame Chicken, but with a honey base.  I had to deep fry it, which I have always been afraid to do, and it turned out great.  This was also my first experience with fried rice and it was so easy.  And delicious!  This was my breakfast Thursday morning and don’t even try to tell me fried rice isn’t a breakfast food because eggs are in fried rice and eggs are a breakfast food.  This was definitely my favorite meal of the week!

{BONUS}  Snuggles with Scout

It was freezing in our house for some reason Wednesday night, so Scout and I snuggled under a blanket together.  He kept burying his head and I was afraid he was going to suffocate so I just wrapped it around him.  Such a baby!  And those slippers?  Probably not the cutest but I have had them for years and they are so warm and comfy.  I even wore them as outdoor shoes for a couple of years and they are still in near-perfect condition (other than a little pilling of the wool).  They are Acorn and definitely worth the investment.

Amy goes back to school today and we drive Megan back to Iowa tomorrow.  That sure went by fast!  I will probably spend Sunday cleaning their rooms and getting everything back in order.  And that’s about all we have planned.  Keep warm and have a great weekend!


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