Clear the Clutter Challenge: Kitchen & Pantry

Hello, and welcome to a new link up for 2018!  I’m joining this party to help motivate me to continue to work on clearing the clutter in my house, and also to share some organizational tips and tricks I have learned over the years.  This is a weekly link up for January and then monthly for the rest of the year.  Jump over to Jaclyn, Keri or Kate to check out other clutter clearing ideas.

First up is the kitchen and pantry.  I wish I was lucky enough to have a pantry, but sadly, I don’t.  What I do have is a postage stamp-sized kitchen so keeping it organized and decluttered is especially important.  Here are a few of my tried and true tips.

Find storage for seldom used items elsewhere.

I like to host holidays, so I have large items that I only use once or twice each year.  When we built the addition, I added storage to my window seat so that I would have a place for these items.  (Not only do I have a small kitchen, but I also have limited closet space.)  I store my pizza maker, immersion blender, electric roaster, extra crockpot, ice cream machine, cookie pans, cooling racks, and other random items in this space.  Fun story, I actually had my cabinet maker measure my electric roaster and design the space around it!  Just remember to declutter these spaces periodically – since the items aren’t used as often, it’s easy to forget about them!

Keep counters clear.

I’m not big on having a lot of decor on my counters.  There are necessities, like my stand mixer and canisters, but I like to limit it.  In fact, having both my Ninja and Nespresso on my counter is really starting to bother me so they are on the list for my de-cluttering project.

Use drawer and shelf dividers.

Use vertical and sectioned dividers to make the most of your cupboard space.  I could certainly do more of this, but I did add a couple of things recently that have helped.

This knife block not only keeps the knives corralled, it also protects the blades (and my hands when I reach into my drawer).

And this spice rack has freed up room in a cupboard and makes my most used spices easier to find.

My next big purchase for my kitchen is going to be a pull-out rack for my pots and pans, and possibly something for my large corner base cabinet.

For this week’s challenge, I decided to go through my glassware to try to fit it all in one cupboard and free up space for my Ninja and Nespresso.

I had a random assortment of children’s cups, insulated cups, and malt glasses along with a few serving pieces in one cupboard.

And a hot mess of heirlooms, specialty barware, and everyday glasses and mugs in the other.

I started by emptying out both cupboards, washing the dusty glasses, and wiping down the shelves.

This helped me see everything I have so I could more easily choose what to keep, throw, and donate/sell.  It also provided a clear picture of how much space I had to put things back.

I sorted through my items and put my serving pieces on the top shelf since I don’t use them very often (I even had room for some that were stored in another cupboard).  I tucked my heirloom pieces back into the corner on the second shelf and then put my barware on that shelf where I can see and reach it.  The bottom shelf holds our everyday mugs and glasses.

I tucked a couple of seldom used children’s items on the top shelf of the smaller cabinet, put all of the insulated cups on the second shelf, and then tried to fit both the Nespresso and Ninja on the bottom shelf.  No such luck.

So I just tied up the Nespresso cords, put the coffee pods in a glass jar, and put the spoons in a cute mug and I feel so much better about it!

I think this is a good start and I now have a bag for Goodwill and a box for the antique store.  And a couple of clean cupboards!  I can’t wait to see what other ideas people have – I’m especially in need of a solution for all of my various plastic baggies, foil, parchment and plastic wrap.  Please leave me a comment if you have any ideas!  If you found me through the link, thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you next Monday when we talk about closets.

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