Weekend Edition: A puzzle-ing weekend

Happy Monday!  I’m so looking forward to my drive into work this week with the leaves reaching their peak.  I have been taking the backroads since school started because the freeway is pretty much a parking lot, and the trees are just gorgeous.  I drive through really old neighborhoods where the trees arch over the road.  Some sections are gold and others are fiery orange and red.  So pretty.

I was expecting to get home on Friday and have to paint the bathroom, but fortunately, Gary was as tired as I was so we decided to just sit and relax.  Except it was barely 60 degrees in the house and the heat wouldn’t come on.  We quickly figured out it was the furnace filter, so we ran to Menards to buy a few for the season and also came home with a jigsaw puzzle.  So this became our Friday night.

Saturday was our neighborhood buckthorn clean up day.  Gary decided to go hunting, so I joined the crew myself.  I ended up working with the ladies and we had a really fun time.  Even though we were pulling buckthorn.  In the rain.  And mud.  I helped for about two hours and then went home to dry off and get some of my own chores done.

Gary had a very successful hunting trip and shot his first two birds of the season.  Scout was a champ; he flushed them both (plus another one that got away) and retrieved them.  They were both very excited when they got home!

Later in the afternoon we ran to Cabella’s to get a gun cleaning kit, and discovered this popular brand…

Who knew?

We heated up some leftovers for dinner and then watched the Wild game.  Scout tried to keep watch over our activities, but was tuckered out.

Sunday started with laundry and grocery shopping, and then moved to yardwork.  I updated my lanterns on the front porch…

… and started cutting back the circle garden.

There is still a LOT of work to do, so I’m hoping the weather holds up next weekend because it’s getting too dark outside after work.

I have a fun event coming up on Tuesday, and then Amy is coming home next weekend for Gary’s birthday.  I’m continuing to sort and organize the downstairs bedroom and Gary plans to paint the upstairs bathroom.  Baby steps!

Have a great week!


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