Shout Out From Scout: September 2017

It’s that time again!  Now that Scout has turned one, I have decided to end this series with one final update and a look back at this past year.

  • Scout has maxed out at just about 40 pounds.  He won’t stand still long enough for me to measure his height!
  • He has a very short coat, and sheds very little.  He has long hair on the edges of his ears, and the back sides of all four legs.  He stays really clean, except for the prickly round stickers he picks up in the preserve.
  • He is still pretty nippy, especially when we try to put his collar or leash on, brush him, or clean his face.  He always bites my nose and earlobes when he is on my lap – but not a hard bite, just a little nibble.  Again, he struggles a bit with personal space.
  • He has claimed the bedroom chair as his own, and will go and lay in there when we are busy doing something.  He sometimes even stays in there when we are sitting on the couch.
  • We still have the doorway to the family room blocked, and the baby gate blocking the stairs.  We just haven’t had time to work on those areas, and we want to limit his access to carpeting.
  • He hates it when I start cooking.  He does NOT like the sound of frying, and either rings the bells to go outside or hides in the bedroom.  Oh, and about those bells.  That was the biggest surprise to me – that a dog would ring bells to go outside.  But he did, and he does, so they do actually work!
  • He LOVES to go in the car.  It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, he wants to go with.  And we take him as much as we can.  But he has to ride in his kennel or he crawls over the tops of the seats and then jumps all over the driver.  No sense of personal space.
  • He loves all people and dogs that he meets.  He is still pretty jumpy around them but in a playful way, not timid.  I call it the “drop and dart maneuver”.
  • His favorite human treat is cheese.  And ice cubes.  He knows the sound of those drawers in the fridge and comes running.
  • He is so quiet.  He still doesn’t pant unless he has been running in a field.  Not just running around the yard, but full on running in a field.  He walks quietly, he lays down quietly, and if he wants something he will sit next to you and put his chin on your leg.  And just stare.  Quietly.  So the bells were probably a good thing for him!
  • He still does his Mexican Standoff when he has something he shouldn’t, or if he doesn’t want to leave a room.  He just stands and stares at you.  Without moving a muscle or blinking an eye.  He’s very good at it.  He does this when we are working on obedience too, and it’s really annoying.  Down you say?  I think not.  I will just sit here and stare at you until you get frustrated and walk away.  #winning
  • He LOVES sticks, and the bigger the better.  Our yard is constantly filled with branches and twigs that he has pulled out of the woods and then chewed to bits.

All in all, he is a fantastic dog and we are head over heels in love with him.  He is the perfect fit for our family.  Here’s a look back at him over the past year.

Scout is the one on the far left
The day he chose us.
First day in our house.
Look at those little pookie feet!
First bath.
I have a basket full of toys but I think I will chew on the basket
Favorite hiding place. “They cant see me now!”
First toy – from his breeder.
First road trip.
Puppy Kindergarten.
Sporting his first winter jacket.
Favorite place to hang out where he can see all of the activity in the house.
His favorite snuggle toy, which became his favorite rip-it-apart toy.
He always lays with his feet crossed.
Before he started shredding up his blankets.
Favorite napping position – in the kennel or on the couch.
Goof-ball! With crossed legs.
Branch Manager
One tuckered out Brittany.
First DQ Pup Cup
Helping Dad with yard work.
First water retrieve
J Chillin in the car
Snuggles with sister Amy
Snuggles with sister Megan
Staredown after being caught playing in the curtains
Keeping an eye on Dad from his lookout post.
First Birthday!

Thank you for indulging me in these puppy posts.  It’s been a fun way to document his first year, and provides a quick way for me to look back on his puppy shenanigans.  And don’t worry, he will continue to dominate my day-to-day posts too!


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