Weekend Edition: And just like that we slip into October

I don’t know exactly what it was, but this felt like a very bizarre summer to me.  I thought it would be long and enjoyable since we were having Megan’s grad party so early, but right now I am thinking about more things that we DIDN’T do that those we DID do.  Oh well, nothing to do but enjoy fall as long as we can now!

We were both home early on Friday, so we loaded up all of the Goodwill donations that we had gathered from the basement.  Two cars full!

Then we hung out in the Goodwill parking lot while we waited for our South China Island to-go order to be ready so we could grab dinner and relax for the rest of the evening.

New favorite meal!  Gary always gets chicken fried rice and I always get chow mein, but then we end up with way too much food.  Check out the amount of food left in that “single order” of chicken fried rice, after we had both filled our plates.  It’s like it expands as you eat it.

This also happened on the way home.

Gary had to work Saturday morning, so Scout and I headed out to LEPR for a beautiful morning hike.  It had been a while!

Then I dropped Scout off at home and drove out to IKEA to get a wardrobe for my organizing project in the downstairs bedroom.  I had it all planned out including all of the little containers I was going to use.  And they were out of the wardrobe and have discontinued it altogether.

So I came back home, we ate a quick lunch, and then spent the rest of the daylight hours outside burning and doing yard work.

We tried to watch a little television after dinner, but I crashed at about 8:00.

Oh yeah, remember how we were going to attend the wild game appetizer and craft beer tasting at the hunt club?  Well, it was cancelled.

Gary took Scout hunting Sunday morning, so I threw on my fall uniform and went grocery shopping…

… then came home and prepped our food for the week.

I had the last load of laundry in the wash by 12:30, meals planned and groceries purchased, food prepped, and was ready for a little nap.  But Gary was still hunting so I ran to Woodbury Lakes to return a shirt (and ended up with a new one), and picked up some lunch for myself.

Gary got home about 3:00, the last load of laundry went into the dryer, and I laid down for an hour nap.  Under a warm blanket, listening to the rain.  Perfection!

I made half a batch of scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner, and finished watching season 2 of Schitt’s Creek.  Then we relaxed together with a very tired puppy and watched some HGTV.

I’m not exactly sure what we are going to do with the downstairs bedroom now, but I am working on finishing up the organizing and then I will deal with where to store everything.  We may just put some shelving in the closet.  We also have much more yard work to do, so that will occupy our evenings and weekends for the rest of the month.

Welcome to October and battening down the hatches for winter!

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