Weekend Edition: Savoring every last minute

I knew this was going to happen.  This part where I realize I only have a few more days before Megan leaves and I start to feel some extra feelings.  And with her, those feelings tend to swing from one extreme to the other.

Friday night was our big shopping night, and I just about lost my ever-loving mind.  No list because “oh, I’m not sure where it is”, resulting in walking back and forth and back again throughout Target for an hour which may have been tolerable on a Saturday morning after a good night’s sleep, but not on a Friday evening after a crazy week at work.  We did manage to get most of what she needed, and a German chocolate cake that none of us needed but felt we deserved.  Feelings = yay, just 6 more days!!

I met Amanda at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning and ran into this little cutie.

Her name is Stella and she is just 13 weeks old.  I can hardly stand that chubby belly.

We scored some awesome veggies and fruit, and I tasted some really amazing jelly. I will definitely be getting some on my next visit.

I cooked up hamburgers and some of those  veggies for lunch, then plopped myself down on the front sidewalk to finish weeding it.  I feel like I have been weeding that same spot all summer but we never quite finish so by the time I’m done with one section the others have grown back.  Well, it’s done now.  And sprayed with weed killer so I’m hoping they don’t come back.  While I was doing that, Gary finished busting up the hot tub and we got it hauled out to the garage.

And here is where I feel the need to point out that hauling heavy things up and down stairs when you’re 30 is a very different experience than when you’re 52.  I distinctly remember picking this house because all of the main living was on one floor.  Yet in the last two months I have had to haul a washing machine and a hot tub up a full flight of stairs from the basement.  And when I think of the other things that are still down there (I’m looking at you, antique pump organ and treadmill), it makes me want to find some movers and empty the whole thing out right now!

Megan was in and out throughout the day, and I found myself sitting down with her whenever she was around.  There were also lots of puppy cuddles.  Feelings = oh no, only 5 days left!

But then Saturday night both girls were gone and Gary and I sat and watched some tv and then went out on the back porch for awhile.  Cold beer, cozy couch, no interruptions.  Feelings = yay, only 5 more days!

Gary went up to the hunt club Sunday morning, so I did the grocery shopping and worked on laundry.  Megan came home from sleeping over at a friend’s house and the girls and I hung out and chatted.  I took a little nap with Scout during a thunderstorm, and then I cut up fruit and vegetables, baked a peach cobbler and made lasagna for dinner.  Amy went to work and Megan went to the Saint’s game with some friends, but when they both came home we hung out on the couch together and visited.  Megan grabbed my phone and snuck some pictures.

Little twirp!  And then she asked me who I was going to cuddle with when she’s gone, because the fact is, she has always been my biggest cuddler, even now.  Feelings = OMG, she’s going to be gone in 4 days!

So my point is, I am on an emotional roller coaster right now, as is probably every other mom getting ready to send her kid off to college.  As I have been several times before.  But I feel like we had a really productive weekend, with some quality alone time, quality family time, and also some quality nap time.

Hope you have a great week!

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