Friday Favorites: A sampler platter of random

We’ll go ahead and call this Friday Favorites, but it’s really just a collection of events and thoughts from the week, and to be honest, they aren’t all favorites.  So here we go First Week of August.

New banner photo!  It’s a cropped section of this photo taken at LEPR.

I finally got around to updating my blog banner to something a little more summer-y and a little less mood-y.  I don’t love the white text, but I can’t figure out how to place it in a different spot where the black will show up.

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but COLORADO PEACHES FOR PRESIDENT!  This week I bought six, put four in brown paper bags right away (two per bag so they don’t bruise), and put the remaining two in the fridge.  It turns out that two days on the counter in a bag is about as long as they will last, but putting them in the fridge delays the ripening so we had perfect peaches on two days.

So, Tuesday evening I was weeding my circle garden and Scout appeared to get stung by a bee.  He freaked the freak out.  It was one of those weird waspy looking things with the long tail things.  He was a mess the rest of the night, never leaving my side – or my lap if I sat down.  He never yelped, but he kept sniffing/licking his back leg so I assume it was a sting.  I have never seen him so pathetic.  If one of us wasn’t sitting on the floor with him he hid under the computer desk.  It was all very strange.

I’m not a big follower of horoscopes, but every once in awhile I get drawn in and check them out just for the fun of it.  Loft (yes, the clothing store) blasted an email on Wednesday with the subject line August is going to be interesting…read your horoscope now.

So of course I did.  Well.  My weekly horoscope started out “Sit tight this week, Virgo, as it’s the weird and eery calm before the eclipse storm”.  And my monthly horoscope started out “This month is not even kidding, Virgo”.  Apparently my ruling planet Mercury is moving backwards and the two eclipses this month are spewing some cosmic energy that could hit my psyche hard.  I’m going to be “cranky as all get-out” around the 12th and my best course of action is to “take some time off during the last few weeks of August and get myself to the beach, lake, or even just a backyard pool party”.  Good to know.

I have noticed this week that it’s no longer light out at 5:15 when my alarm goes off.  This makes me sad.

Daily gardening.  I did really well spending time in my gardens for 20 – 30 minutes Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday was rainy and cold so that’s my excuse.  And here’s my conclusion on that little experiment.  While I did make progress in cleaning out the gardens, it did not allow time for walks at the park.  By the time we get home and eat dinner, it’s almost 7:00.  So, we really have to choose to go for a walk OR do work around the house.  Gary started tearing apart the hot tub, so it worked for me to do some weeding.  And yes, I can see how spending 30 minutes EVERY day would keep me on top of my gardening, but I prefer to vary my activities and live with some weeds.

I’m expecting the next week to be very busy.  Megan and I are going to START her school shopping tonight.

Amanda and I are meeting at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning, and then I’m hoping to spend some time out in the yard and some time working with Megan on school stuff.  We will be shopping, sorting and packing all week, and plan to load the car up Thursday evening.  Gary and I also have to run to the vet clinic Thursday evening because Amy will be taking Scout in for his neutering Friday morning.  We scheduled it for our moving day so that we don’t have to rush back to him – he will stay overnight at the clinic.  All that to say I may not post much until we get back from Iowa.  So have a great weekend and get yourself some peaches!

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