Shout out from Scout: July 2017

Thanks for stopping by for my July update.

We started the month with a parade.  There were sooooo many people, and loud fire trucks, but I didn’t mind at all.

And I FINALLY got to go in the lake!  I wasn’t too sure about it at first because I went past Dad and my feet didn’t touch anymore.  I swam like a pro, but it shook me up a little.  The next time though, Dad brought a retrieving dummy and I had a blast swimming out to get it.  I hope we get to do more of that!

I have been meeting new friends at the dog park.  So far, I have liked every dog I meet and we run and play together.  I also met the other dog that lives in our circle.  He wasn’t interested in running around with me, but we got along just fine.

I have also been spending more time visiting restaurant patios.  I get a little impatient waiting for Dad and Mom to eat, but I behave myself and get treats.

We are spending most days at LEPR or walking in our circle.  I find so many smells in the morning when it is cooler and damp.  I am starting to point things out on our walks too.  I strike my pose and then wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until I’m told to “go get it!!”.  I mostly find turkeys and bunnies, but I scare up a deer every once in awhile too.

Dad and I also joined a hunt club.  We just walked around the clay sporting course and one of the hunting fields so far, but I overheard talk that next month I get to try to find actual birds.

I have been doing really well with “sit” and “stay”, but I really don’t like to be told to lay “down”.  I fight that one every single time.  Unless Mom has liver sausage.  Then I drop like a boss.

Other than that, we are just hanging out together, going for car rides, and enjoying as much time outside as possible.

See ya next month!

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