Weekend Edition: One down, one to go

Well this was a busy weekend!  And hot too, so as I’m writing this post, I am shut down for the evening with my glass of wine.  At 7:30 p.m.

I was contacted by UHaul asking if I would like to pick up the trailer on Friday instead of Saturday morning, at no extra charge, since they were expecting Saturday to be really busy.  So we did, and then came home and loaded it.  This ended up being a fortunate turn of events because even on a non-busy Friday night, it took almost an hour to take care of the paperwork and get it home.

Gary and I were up early Saturday morning and took Scout for a walk around our circle, ran to get some breakfast, and were on the road at 8:00.  It took a sweet forever to get to Jordan because the trailer was making quite a bit of noise on the bumpy highway so we took it slow.  We loaded up the bed and Amanda followed us on our cross country state journey to Winona.

Us, the trailer, and Amanda behind us.

There is no direct route from Jordan to Winona.  There isn’t even a semi-direct route.  But it was a beautiful drive along those backroads.  Somehow we wound our way through Northfield, made our way to Hwy 52, down to Interstate 90, and arrived at Amy’s new house exactly four and a half hours after we left home.  It’s a two hour drive directly from our house.

We unloaded and unpacked and set up and decorated, and were done around 2:45.  Here are a few pictures of the house and her room.

Two of the pictures she ordered haven’t arrived yet, so she sketched them for placeholders on the wall.

We were famished so we headed to A&W for lunch.  It was at this point that Gary and I decided that our previously planned date night at Canterbury Downs was going to be postponed.  We made it home safely at 5:30, grabbed some water, and went to LEPR for a 40 minute hike with Scout.

We all showered and snacked a little and that was the end of the day for us!

Sunday morning started out as usual, a quick walk with Scout and then grocery shopping.  And then Gary and Scout headed up to Pine City Hunt Club, where they are now happy new members, and did some shooting and walking the field.  The minute his car was out of the driveway I opened the windows and laid down on my new couch to enjoy the peace and quiet inside the house and the summer sounds of birds and someone cutting lumber outside the house.  I dozed off for a few minutes and woke up when Megan came home (she was in Wisconsin with Hunter for the weekend).

I helped her with some school stuff, cut up the fruit and veggies, and then did some administrative work while I kept the laundry going.  Gary got home about the time I was ready to head outside to do some yard work.

We did a little weeding, started moving Megan’s stuff into the family room, and then I ran to the Dollar Store with the girls because Megan insisted she was going to find things for her dorm there.  Well, we did find sixteen things between the three of us, and do you know how I know we found sixteen things?  Because my total was $16 before tax.  I guess they are serious about everything costing $1.

By the time we got home it was time for dinner and Scout’s bath.  I watered my planters and then came in to write this post.  And as I said earlier, I am done for the night!  Oh wait, except to vacuum and put clean sheets on the bed.  And cut Gary’s hair.  Sigh.

It’s kind of nice that Amy came back for a couple of weeks after moving her things down to the house.  Gary keeps telling me that this is a positive thing:  our kids are independent and moving on with their lives and we should be happy for them.  I think he’s trying to convince himself but it’s a good reminder.  That drive home from Iowa is going to be a tough one, just like the drive home from Indianapolis was.  At least we will have Amy here for a few days after that before we are completely alone.

We don’t have any evening plans this week so I’m going to try to work in my gardens for 20 – 30 minutes after work.  Dad always said we should spend 30 minutes each day in the garden to stay on top of it.  I have never spent 30 minutes every day for even one week, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Have a great week!

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  1. I remember Steve moving into Hamline….
    Now that you are members in Pine City it would not hurt you to stop by, just saying…

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