Shout out from Scout: May 2017

Here we are at the end of May already!  It’s been a great month with lots of outside time.  I love outside time!  We haven’t been to the park as much, but we have spent more time playing in our yard.

I’m up to 37 pounds, but haven’t gotten too much taller.  I’m already 8 months old but still very much a puppy.  I LOVE to chew, and finding new sticks in the yard is my FAVORITE.  I was really enjoying chewing my blankets in my kennel, but then they put a new pad in and strapped it down so now all I can do is lay on it.  Not cool guys.

I’m happy to have Amy home because she takes me outside during the day while mom and dad are at work.

I love car rides and we go on lots of errands together.  It’s still cool enough for me to hang out in the car while they go into stores, and it’s much more fun than sitting home alone.

Thunder has made me a little nervous lately, and I prefer to sit in the chair with someone during storms, but it’s not making me too scared.  I just don’t like it much.  Nothing else is bothering me these days though.

My favorite treats are bully sticks and ice cubes.  I’ve been going to the dog salon (but don’t tell anyone because it’s a little embarrassing) to get my nails trimmed and they have the best bully sticks there.

All in all things are going great and I’m really looking forward to new adventures this summer!


I like to watch everything going on in the front yard.
I prefer pillows over blankets.

Hiking at Lake Elmo Park Reserve.
Mom, I think I need a hug.
Mom, mom, mom, mom.
These are my cute eyes – they get me treats and up on laps.
Dad went outside without me.
I wasn’t so sure about the fan in the kitchen so I hung out on Amy’s lap until they turned it off.
Helping dad clean the vacuum.
Helping mom with her headphones.
Sometimes I like to bury my face when I snuggle.
I had mom hold my toy while I went to check out a noise.
Sometimes I can’t find a place for my long legs.
Hanging out with mom.
This was my biggest stick ever!

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