Show and Tell Tuesday: Advice to my High School Self

show and tell

Today is Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea, and our topic is advice I would give to my high school self.

So knowing my high school self as well as I do, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t even listen to advice from my 50 year old self.  And I’m not going down the path of changing decisions that would alter where I am in life today.  This is just some simple advise that may have made life a little better – and a little more fun.

First piece of advice: SAY THE WORDS!

I was really shy growing up and rarely talked to anyone but my close group of friends.  I was the follower who would listen and laugh along in group conversations, but I never spoke up in class, never said hi to the cute guys or interesting girls I wanted to say hi to, never talked to my teachers,  never asked about the plans people were making so I would be included, etc., etc., etc.  I was just too afraid.  I wish I could go back and tell myself to just be brave and say the words.  Especially the simple “hi”.

Second piece of advice:  LAUGH AT YOURSELF!

Embarrassing things happen, especially in high school.  But very few things actually bring on the end of the world.  So if something happens, just laugh about it.  And maybe don’t be afraid to try things because something may go wrong, because you know, you can always just laugh about it.


You know, the one with the knees that bend without cracking.  The one with the silky soft hair and only one chin.  The one that can sit on the floor for hours and still stand back up.  Appreciate that body, and be kind to it.  Feed it lots of fruit and vegetables, and maybe stay away from soda because it becomes addictive.  Especially Mt. Dew.  Stay away from Mt. Dew!  Oh, and be brave and wear that bikini because it’s never gonna look better on you than it does right now.

Oh, and one more thing.  DO NOT get that perm in 9th grade, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Weekend Edition: Rainy Day Break

As I write this post on Sunday night, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.  I am enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt, and waiting for my last load of laundry.  And I had a FULL weekend.

We kicked it off with a team trip to the grocery store.  I’m ashamed to say that it had been three weeks since I had actually grocery shopped and our cupboards/fridge/freezer/pantry were bare.  We brought home dinner from the deli and called it a night.

Saturday was a full day of rain.  We started with a quick trip to Target and then Men’s Warehouse to exchange Gary’s suit which turned out to be the wrong color.  Apparently, it was ‘charcoal’ but it looked just like ‘black’.  The color we wanted was ‘grey’.  They are going to order a different suit (because of course, this suit doesn’t come in that color grey – so why did you sell it to us???) and we are going to exchange it.

Gary spent some quality time with our file pile and I spent some quality time cleaning the kitchen and reading blogs.  And Pinterest.  And Facebook.  Then we decided to drive to Stillwater to check the antique stores for something we could use as a tv stand in the family room.  We came close but didn’t find exactly what we want.   We did enjoy walking around town during a short break in the rain, but it was pouring again by the time we got home.  We putzed around the house a little more and then made dinner and watched the Olympics.

Sunday morning the sun was back, and we went up on the family room roof to repair the second story siding.  Not fun.  But we got it all done except the last two pieces so that’s a big job out of the way.  When Megan got home from work, she and I went to the Mall of America to shop for school clothes.  She found quite a few things, many of them on sale, so we celebrated with Starbucks on the way home.

I have been doing laundry, cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, created three cute little pictures for my office wall, cleaned the hot tub, and cut Gary’s hair.

Which brings me back to the glass of wine and sense of accomplishment!

All in all, a really good weekend.  We don’t have anything on the calendar this week, so we will try to finish up the siding and pick away at some yard work.  I have a crazy busy weekend coming up with not one, but two bridal showers.  And that will bring us within a month of the wedding!

Have a great week!

Friday Favorites: Adjusting Again

Friday Favorites 01

I am stumbling across the finish line this week, sort of like all of those Olympic runners that fall down at the end of their race.  Why do so many of them fall?  I mean, I would totally fall if I tried to run 100 meters, but I’m guessing they do it on a regular basis so I don’t really get what’s happening.  And this is why I am not an Olympic athlete.  But I am really glad it’s finally Friday, and this was my last crazy week for a little while.

I’m linking up with Andrea again to share some Friday Favorites!

ONE:  Family Dinner

We met at Cossetta’s for one last family dinner on Monday night.  We’ve slowly expanded beyond the mostaccioli to the tortellini with pancetta.  And tiramisu.  I love their tiramisu!


TWO:  College Move In Day

Tuesday morning Amy and I headed down to Winona to get her moved in.  She has a two bedroom suite this year and it’s very comfortable.  We got a good start on the decorating, but left plenty of room for her to add as she settles in.

20160816_135003 20160816_190614

THREE: Simple Updates

I was getting into a little bit of a slump at work, so I made a few updates to my office decor.

20160818_081814 20160818_081840 20160818_081859 20160818_081921 20160818_081936 20160818_081956

I added a couple wooden boxes to hold my note pads and lotions, wrapped my recycle box in polkadot paper, hung some cork boards to layer my pictures, placed a few woven placemats on my file cabinet to soften it up, and added a little Mason jar vase that I hope to keep simple flowers in year ’round.  I spent less than $10, but it just feels so much more comfortable.  I’m also going to add a few small holiday decorations throughout the year to make it more personable and less corporate feeling.  I spend more waking hours at my desk than any other place but I don’t always think to update it.  I would love to add some throw pillows to my guest chairs, but that may be a bit too much!

FOUR:  Tote Bags

I’m a big fan of the tote bag.  I always carry one to work, and I have several that I travel with.  I don’t spend a lot of money on them because I get bored and like to switch them up.  The work tote I bought last spring was starting to rip, so I picked up this beauty.


It has two large zipper pockets on the sides and an open center compartment.  There is one small zipper pocket inside and one small zipper pocket on the outside.  My laptop fits perfectly in one side zipper pocket, and my two small Vera Bradley bags fit down in the other.  I have room for my planner and pens in the middle, with plenty of space to spare.  It has a long shoulder strap too, but I took that off because the side handles are long enough to wear on my shoulder.  I’m really loving this bag!

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, finishing up the siding repairs and doing some weeding if the rain holds off.  If the weather is bad, we will deep clean Amy’s room and do some work on the living room walls.  It would be nice to get those painted before the end of the month.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Weekend Edition: Hanging On

I knew I was going to have to cut back on blogging this month, but I didn’t realize I would eliminate it all together!  August has been every bit as busy as I expected, but we are at the half-way point and are about to turn the corner.  Here are just a few updates:

Megan had two wisdom teeth removed last Tuesday.  I am happy to report that she is doing well, and we have no sign of infection or dry sockets.  As you can imagine, it was quite the challenge to keep her quiet for a few days.20160809_093807

All done and feeling groovy
All done and feeling groovy
Oops, didn't see this. I have her permission to post her photo.
Oops, didn’t see this. I have her permission to post her photo.

We finally got the mulch moved last weekend.  It’s here…


… and here…


… and here…20160814_142910

…and here…20160804_180600

… and this is where we ran out of steam.20160814_095847

Gary has been trying to finish up the wall repair and painting inside the house.

Freshening up some trim
Last two walls to paint.

Please note Amy’s mess in the family room behind Gary’s mess in the living room.  She is packing up and will be moving to Winona on Tuesday.  This summer has gone really fast!

We have ordered siding to finish up this repair next weekend (three trips to three stores and then ended up ordering it online).20160814_142940

One of the last updates I wanted to make in the family room was painting the silver mirror.  I may still add curtain panels on the sides of the windows this fall, but I’m not in a big hurry.

After the new ceiling and paint but before the new furniture.
Going for gold.

We are also enjoying the heck out of the Olympics.  I think we have watched more this summer than any others before.  We have had some late nights waiting for Amy to get home from work so that we can watch them together.  I even watched all of the equestrian eventing, a little fencing, some table tennis and some rugby along with all of the swimming, beach volleyball, and gymnastics.  Oh, and did everyone else know about this women’s steeplechase?  I had never seen that before.  Wow.

This week looks a little better for me, after Tuesday that is.  Megan works quite a bit so Gary and I will have some quiet evenings alone to get the house back in shape and catch up on some things that we have had to let slide.  Then we turn to back-to-school preparations for Megan (including senior pictures), two more bridal showers, and the State Fair!

Have a great week!

Friday Favorites: Organic Edition

Friday Favorites 01What a week!  I was worn out by noon on Monday, so I’m happy to have made it to Friday to share some favorites.

So I had SOME FUN on Tuesday.  Amanda and I participated in a Wedding Flower DIY Bootcamp with a florist in Jordan.  It was so much fun!

the foundation of a centerpiece
the foundation of a centerpiece
completed centerpieces
completed centerpieces
basic vase arrangement
basic vase arrangement
learning to wrap wire and flower stems
learning to wrap wire and flower stems
mixed flower bridesmaid boquet
mixed flower bridesmaid bouquet
rose bridesmaid boquet
rose bridesmaid bouquet

She isn’t using any of these flowers, but it taught us the mechanics of wedding arrangements, and we got to bring all of our flowers home.  I am feeling much better about doing her flowers now.  Oh, and my favorite part was that it was just the two of us that night so we had the florist’s undivided attention and were able to relate everything we were learning to Amanda’s specific flowers and arrangements.

So this arrived last weekend

this is half of the original pile
this is half of the original pile

We had two trees removed and they accidentally took our mulch from those trees so they brought this much larger load to make up for it.  Gary has been working all week moving it across the yard to the area he cleared of buckthorn last summer.  20160804_180600

I love fresh mulch, and my favorite thing about this mulch is it’s about half cedar so my whole yard smells like Christmas.

Thursday night I got to come home to an empty house.  Gary had some sort of training at work until 7:00, and both Amy and Megan were working.  I did my favorite things – 20160804_181533

I ate frozen food (yes, those are mini egg rolls and corndogs), washed it down with my favorite new beerlDayTripperCan

and worked on this post with Gilmore Girls playing in the background.  Heaven.

And my favorite part of this week is that I don’t have to work today!  Megan and I are doing a college visit and then she is heading out of town for the weekend again.  Amy works both tonight and Saturday night, so Gary and I will enjoy more peace and quiet.  Who knows, we may even go out again!

Have a great weekend!  And don’t forget to link over to Andrea’s to see her favorites of the week.