The Final Wedding Countdown!

I’m going to squeeze in one more post before I totally commit to wedding mode for the rest of the week!  We had a great weekend that started on Friday afternoon with Megan’s senior pictures.

20160916_165627 20160916_160257 20160916_150030-1

We did a few in the photographer’s yard, then a field of grasses and wildflowers, then Nicollet Island, and finally St. Anthony Main.  The weather was perfect and we had so much fun.  I was a little worried because Megan can be quite the perfectionist, but she loved the pictures.

Friday night Gary and I had planned to go to an RV show at the Anoka County Fairgrounds.  For some reason I thought it went until 9:00, but it ended at 7:00.  We got there at 6:55.  Of course!  So we decided to find someplace to eat downtown Anoka.  We ended up at a fun Bar and Beer Garden and had a nice relaxing dinner.  With beer.  And when our server came for her final visit she told us that we had been the recipients of a Random Act of Kindness and someone had paid for our meal.  I try to occasionally do that in drive thru’s, but had never thought to do it in a restaurant.  We have our suspicions that it was the couple next to us with the fussy baby.  It really should have been us paying for their dinner since they were having a bit of a struggle!

Amanda came over Saturday morning and we did some last minute decorating projects. We also hit up the apple orchard for some apple doughnuts, apple cider and apples.  Then I took a nice long nap.  Sunday was another trip for final alterations on Gary’s suit (his clothes have been way more work than mine!), cleaning, laundry, cleaning the basement so Zach has someplace to sleep, and other exciting chores.

We also finished up our new office.  It was in the living room (actually up against the windows, this was an in progress shot)…


Under construction…


After (I could not get the light right, it was the middle of the afternoon and the sun was out so it was actually very bright in the room)…


We were actually able to downsize our calendar now that we only need to keep track of three schedules instead of six.  I use the computer so much more now that we have moved it.  I’m not sure why, it just seems more comfortable.  We put a couple of chairs in front of the living room windows for now, but are looking for a small couch for that area.  And a big area rug to warm it up and balance out all of the wood in that room.

So that’s about it.  I have been working through my daily wedding checklists and feel like I’m in pretty good shape.  I have been practicing tying Gary’s bowtie, wearing my new shoes around the house to break them in, and packing, packing, packing.  I’m off work after today, including a recovery day on Monday.  I expect to have lots of thoughts next week!

Friday Favorites: A Quick Update

I knew I was going to have to back off on blogging a little, but I didn’t expect to go more than two weeks without a post!  So much going on and so little time.  Here is a quick update:

I got pumpkins!!!  This is the first harvest, and there are still more growing.  I’m going to get one more large white one, and at least as many more small.


I finally found curtains for the family room, and need to talk about my  love of ironing.  I mean, I really love ironing.  My mother ironed everything – sheets, dish towels, all of my dad’s shirts and pants, you name it.  When she died, I was left with this chore.  It was such a nice quiet time, and folding the sheets and towels perfectly in half and ironing a fold into them, and then again in half, and again in half.  Just what my organized brain needed.  I know, I’m weird.


I love this finishing touch.20160916_140239

I also changed up my pictures at work to bring in a little bit of fall.20160906_095943

This was my 23rd (and last) First Day of School.20160906_074158

Instead of the Caribou tradition, she wanted pancakes and bacon at home.


I made Amanda’s rehearsal bouquet from the ribbons and bows on her shower gifts.  I went a little crazy and actually wired all of the ribbon and used floral foam as a base.  It was good practice for our real bouquet making next week!

20160905_140416 20160905_140106 20160905_140053

Gary and I did end up going to the Fair this year.  It was COLD when we got there so we each bought a new sweatshirt.20160903_112738

I tried the limited edition Summit beer.


And we went in the Birthing Center for the first time.  This little guy was only one day old.

20160903_102454 20160903_102421

And this little guy was less than 30 minutes old.


I love how pigs always look like they are smiling.  Doesn’t she look like a perfectly content mama?20160903_101723

Our annual spaghetti and meatball on a stick and Mt. Dew.20160903_100238

New maple bacon donut sliders from Minnesota Wine Country.20160903_093537

I have started a food intervention, and have eliminated Mt Dew until after the wedding.  I have also limited myself to only one serving of bread/cereal/crackers per day, and I’m eating soup and salad for lunch every day at work.  I can already feel a difference.  This isn’t a diet, just a shake up.  I will probably make some adjustments after the wedding, but with all of the stress I expect in the next week, I don’t want to do anything too drastic.20160912_115902

So that’s about it for now.  We are off to Megan’s senior picture session, and then lots of fun plans for the weekend.  Have a great weekend!

What’s Up Wednesday: August 2016

Oh. My. Word.  It can’t possibly be the last Wednesday of August already.  And not just the last Wednesday of August, but the last DAY of August!

I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for another What’s Up post.




This is the menu for this week.  Pretty much the same old standbys.  Except for Thursday!


This is where we are going on Thursday…20151231_201947

… where I plan to have this.20151231_19181720151231_19340520151231_200426

And this is where that cute menu page came from.  Amanda gave this to me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  One side of the page is the menu and the other side is the grocery list.20160829_19321120160829_195812


It was National Dog Day last week, so I was thinking about this girl and missing her.20150912_172702


A clean house.  I think it’s a combination of having more time in the evening and one less (messy) person’s mess.  What ever it is, it’s back and I’m loving it.


Megan had two of her wisdom teeth removed.20160809_093807

Amy moved back to school.20160816_190614

Wedding preparations.

mixed flower bridesmaid boquet



The first day of school.  It’s my last one after 23 years of First Days of School.  There will be tears.


Nothing major right now.  Too much going on to take on any extra projects.


I’m really enjoying my mini office makeover.  I’ve been bringing in fresh flowers every Monday for the last three weeks and they last through Friday.  I will change my little pictures out next weekend for fall.20160818_08181420160829_13104220160829_100700


I’m not watching much besides HGTV.  I did have a momentary lapse of reason and watched Stepmom last weekend.  I love that movie but always forget just how sad it is.  Oh, and there was the Olympics too.


Podcasts.  And two audio books!  Not sure if I will keep listening to audio books, but if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.  Something light hearted, preferably read by someone with a Southern or British accent 🙂


My summer work wardrobe is holding up well, with just one casualty.  I’ve decided that khaki pants just aren’t for me, so I have eliminated my last pair.  I have picked up a couple of light weight sweaters for work, but it’s still way too hot to wear them.


No plans at the moment, so hopefully some yard work.  With all of the rain we have had the past few weeks the weeds are out of control.  This seems to be a theme this summer, and not one that I’m enjoying.  We may end up going to the Fair too, but that will depend on the weather.  Maybe a hike instead this year.




I would have to say scarves are my favorite transition piece.  I like to keep wearing my summer clothes because it’s a much shorter season and I get so sick of my winter clothes by the time spring finally rolls around.  I have some really cute summer scarves but it’s always too hot to wear them, so I like to be able to add them in the fall for a little change.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  I know September is going to be just as much of a whirlwind, but then I’m hoping things slow down a little.

Thanks for stopping by!

Weekend Edition: Showers

Well this weekend was just a blast!  I knew it was going to be a busy one, so I picked up a bottle of wine on my way home and took it’s message to heart.20160826_194506

Amanda had a shower with Ryan’s family on Saturday, so Megan and I were on the road by 8:30.  We stopped at Starbucks for our life-giving beverages, stopped in Jordan to pick up Amanda, and arrived in Waterville just before 10:30.

Ryan’s two aunts hosted the shower and she received so many nice gifts.20160827_121437

We got back home around 3:00, I took a little 20 minute nap, and then Gary and I went to check out his replacement suits.  He needed quite a few alterations so we had to bring it to another store a few miles away.  Fingers crossed that everything is done correctly because it won’t be ready until the 12th.  We bought a shirt so he can start practicing with the bow tie.  I texted Megan to let her know where we were, and asked her to bake some cookies.

We came home to this…20160827_183559

…so I parked in the living room for a little more of this.20160827_185208

Sunday morning was a slow start and we enjoyed some waffles while watching Sunday Morning.  I love that show, but we never sit and watch the whole thing.  We started laundry, did some picking up, and before I knew it I had to get ready for Amanda’s fifth and final shower.  This one was for the Fisher and Theresa’s families.  It was a really small group but we had a great time catching up and I even got to hold a six week old baby for awhile.20160828_132241

I stopped for groceries on my way home, then Gary and I made a quick run to Target.  I cooked up chicken breasts for dinner and a couple more meals this week, baked cupcakes for Gary to bring to work, cut his hair, put my laundry away, and collapsed into my chair with a glass of wine.

It was a busy weekend but full of fun.  I can’t believe we are already at the end of August, and I only have three days before my next birthday.  Someone please slow down the time!


Friday Favorites: All Over the Board


Friday Favorites 01Well I hate to say it, but this week was just as tough as last week at work.  I am so glad to finally get to Friday.  I’m linking up with Andrea and sharing a few favorites from this week.

Summer Favorites 1.jpg

I created a little wall art for my office to round out the decorating I did last week.  I found three black 4″ x 4″ frames at Target for $1.99 each.  I taped off the sides and used my left over gold spray paint on the front.  Then I cut out some white card stock and used some old scrap booking stickers I had.  I love how they turned out, and I plan to switch out the pictures with each season or holiday.


Summer Favorites 2

I had some really good summer food this past week.  This orzo with peppers, sugar snap peas, dried cranberries, candied pecans, and a couple of other veggies I can’t remember was amazing!


And we bought sweet corn right from the farm.  It was the sweet-est, crisp-est corn we have had all summer.  Made even better with lots of butter and salt ;).


Summer Favorites 3

I have pumpkins!!!  Unfortunately, many of them are growing on the outside of the fence so I am hoping the deer leave them alone.  They are a mix of little yellow, little orange, and large white pumpkins and will be adorable in the wedding centerpieces if they survive!

20160821_180702 20160821_180718 20160821_180748 20160821_180804 20160821_180844

Summer Favorites 4

I finally bought myself a pair of white Converse Shoreline tennis.  They will be really cute with jeans and t-shirts this fall.  I’ve heard that Converse aren’t the most comfortable shoes, but I wore them for a couple of hours at the Mall of America and my feet were fine.  Pardon the incredibly dirty mirror but I wasn’t about to clean it for them.


Summer Favorites 5

I saw this bottle of wine at the liquor store last weekend.  It’s my favorite red and it’s more than twice the size of a normal bottle.  Of course, they were out of entries for the drawing.  Boo.


Summer Favorites 6

Gary and I have been riding our bikes on the trail this week.  (I have also been walking during my lunch break and even did yoga a couple times!).  Wednesday after our ride we decided to go out for dinner.  I noticed this little sign half way through our meal.  I am totally on board with the concept of Wonderful Wine Wednesday!  I guess we will just have to go back.


This weekend is going to be a busy one with two bridal showers for Amanda.  These are the last two and we are now down to less than one month until the Wedding.  That also means we are down to less than one month until we see Zach again!!  Gary wants to go golfing Sunday morning and on another bike ride Sunday evening too, so lots of fun stuff, but I’m going to be pooped.

Have a great weekend!